8. Renaissance Route (2h)




The architectonic set of great artistic interesting building, Royal Colleges (of XVI). Calls The College of Sant Jaume and Sant Maties, next to the Church of Sant Doménec respond to the humanistic idea of the education in theology of the morasses faithful. Their beautiful facades as a Renaissance altarpiece have many references to the monarchy of Austria, as well as the inner patio, in addition to being a beautiful exponent of the Catalan Renaissance, in beautiful frisk represents the kings of the crown of Aragón.

Continuing our Renaissance route, in the street of the Rose we found the Despuig palace. All these elements rebel the splendour to us of the city at the Renaissance time, fact that nowadays still alive in an extraordinary popular celebration, celebrated at the end of July.

We will finish with the visit of the Model of the Cathedral, with the front as it would be if there had been completed the project of the works master, Martí d'Avaria, dated of the year 1626.

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