12. Tortosa on foot




Daily run through the streets of historical Tortosa setting interest in all the most interesting spaces in the city. Suda’s Castle, Episcopal Palace, Portal Romeu, are some of the amazing proposals that the city is prepares for us.

Routes of 'Tortosa on foot' on Saturdays are held every week with a different culture in order to ensure awareness of the historical diversity of the city.

First Saturday of the month: Tortosa Arabic

Second Saturday of the month: Tortosa Jewish

Third Saturday of the month: Christian Tortosa

Fourth Saturday of the month: Tortosa Renaissance

Fifth Saturday of the month: General Tortosa

Monday to Friday with groups of 10 person minimum and any number of people on Saturday.

Price per person: 6 € / person

Starting point and end of the route:

C /. Pintor Gimeno. Paiolet Square corner (shop Conficon) located to the left margin of the Ebro’s River below the bridge of 'L'Estat”

Departure: At 11:00 hrs

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