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Nuestras guías turísticas les pueden realizar cualquier visita de la ciudad de Tortosa con gran profesionalidad.



1. Tortosa outdoor tour (1,5h) + Cathedral (1,5 h)

We will start the tour with the sight of the sixteenth century Tortosa painted by Anton Van den Wyndaerde and the giant scale model of the Cathedral. Next, from Plaza Paiolet we will go through the streets of the old town, prioritizing the most important places in the city, those who have had a history featured at different times and we will explain how history let them a passing mark.
We will visit: river façade, Oliver Boteller Palace, General Council house, rue of la Rosa (main palaces), Plaza of Cinta, Olivera gate, Royal Colleges and Castle of la Suda, to finish at the principal façade of the Cathedral.

Meeting place: Plaça Paiolet ( CONFICON Turisme i Tradicions)

2. A taste of the Cathedral and its surroundings (1,5h)

Cathedral of Santa Maria, architectural gothic and baroque style is the jewel of the city and therefore we will visit it as a whole, of great beauty and splendors, the central nave, the altarpiece of the Verge de l’Estrella and chapel of la Cinta, are the main elements highlighted, along with the permanent exhibition inside of it.
Previously we will go through around the same, the façade, the square apse, the portal of Romeu, Oliver gate and the Episcopal Palace.

Included in the outdoor Tortosa visit

3. Footprints in the walls of the bimilenary city (2h)

Tortosa is a city of walls and therefore it has a lot to show. This route contains the bastitions, the walls and fortifications. We will start at Castle of la Suda, fantastic architectural testimony of the Andalusia city that contains the only Arabian cemetery known from all Catalonia, the bastions of Sant Joan (interpretation center), Prince garden, walk of Runda and the tower del Celio until the square of la Inmaculada de Remolins.

Day of the visit: Last sunday of the month
Price: 6€
Hour: 10.30h
Meeting place: Parking of the La Suda Castle

4. Characterized and guided visit to templar Tortosa (1.5h)

We offer you the chance to discover the Templars of the city, its neighborhoods, streets that remain, towers, convents, documents, everything around the Castle of la Suda. The guide will tell you everything that we know about the city.

Day and hour: to specify
Price: 10€ (minimum 8 pax)
Meeting place: Parking 'Parador de Turismo'
Tel. number: 670 795 216 - e-mail:

7. Modernist Tortosa (2h)

A beautiful extension created at the end of century XIX proves the industrial progress of the city and some families. Still it is admired by some of his buildings of the purest Catalan modernist architecture. Joan April and Joan Torras Guardiola, Pau Safe Monguió and, Planted Josep, among others, was the creators of emblematic constructions of this city: the municipal Market, the Church of the Virgin of the Roser, the old Municipal Slaughter house and the Church of the Repair; as well as some houses of those noble families: the Grego House, the Bau House, the Piñana House, the Brunet House… Other samples, not less important, we found them in the Siboni Boardinghouse and, in the beautiful gardens of the park Teodoro González.
We will finish with the visit of the Model of the Cathedral, with the front as it would be if there had been completed the project of the works master, Martí d'Avaria, dated of the year 1626.

8. Renaissance Route (2h)

The architectonic set of great artistic interesting building, Royal Colleges (of XVI). Calls The College of Sant Jaume and Sant Maties, next to the Church of Sant Doménec respond to the humanistic idea of the education in theology of the morasses faithful. Their beautiful facades as a Renaissance altarpiece have many references to the monarchy of Austria, as well as the inner patio, in addition to being a beautiful exponent of the Catalan Renaissance, in beautiful frisk represents the kings of the crown of Aragón.
Continuing our Renaissance route, in the street of the Rose we found the Despuig palace. All these elements rebel the splendour to us of the city at the Renaissance time, fact that nowadays still alive in an extraordinary popular celebration, celebrated at the end of July.
We will finish with the visit of the Model of the Cathedral, with the front as it would be if there had been completed the project of the works master, Martí d'Avaria, dated of the year 1626.

9.Fluvial balcony (2h)

We will visit the Museum of the Ebro (with travelling exhibitions), the Bridge of Bimilenario, the Audience Felipe Pedrell, the Park Teodoro González, the Municipal Market, the Bridge of the State, the Monument of Ebro's War , the Episcopal Palace and the Old Municipal Slaughter house, today magnificently recovered. All it with contemplation and explanation of the forest of shore like great natural wealth of our Ebro River.
We will finish with the visit of the Model of the Cathedral, with the front as it would be if there had been completed the project of the works master, Martí d'Avaria, dated of the year 1626.

12. Tortosa on foot

Daily run through the streets of historical Tortosa setting interest in all the most interesting spaces in the city. Suda’s Castle, Episcopal Palace, Portal Romeu, are some of the amazing proposals that the city is prepares for us.
Routes of 'Tortosa on foot' on Saturdays are held every week with a different culture in order to ensure awareness of the historical diversity of the city.

First Saturday of the month: Tortosa Arabic
Second Saturday of the month: Tortosa Jewish
Third Saturday of the month: Christian Tortosa
Fourth Saturday of the month: Tortosa Renaissance
Fifth Saturday of the month: General Tortosa

Monday to Friday with groups of 10 person minimum and any number of people on Saturday.

Price per person: 6 € / person

Starting point and end of the route:
C /. Pintor Gimeno. Paiolet Square corner (shop Conficon) located to the left margin of the Ebro’s River below the bridge of 'L'Estat”

Departure: At 11:00 hrs

10. Visit to the anti-aircraft shelter number 4

Duration of the visit: 1 h

Price: € 3 (children 12 to 14 years € 2)

Scheduled visits in English (IN SUMMER)

June 30 at 6 pm
July 20 at 6:00 p.m.
July 28 at 6:00 p.m.
August 14 at 6:00 p.m.
September 1 at 6 p.m.

Special Renaissance party:

Friday, July 20, at 6 p.m.
Sunday, July 22, at 10 o'clock